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Fast indicators on offside; all indicator bulbs working.


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Any idea what could cause this?

*edit* these are standard and not LED

Nearside are functioning fine.

Does anyone know if there is a separate relay for the ns to the os?

I tried listening/feeling for the relay but it's silent when they are on!

I don't know whether it's related but the brake light isn't working via either front or back.

Any help much appreciated!

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I haven't changed any but I only picked it up last week; it was already like this.

I will check the bulbs tomorrow as well as go on a hunt for the ground... would there be a ground specifically for the right side then?

Might have to break out the wiring diagram!!

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this happened to mine and as it ticked per flash the flash was off too. what i did was take them out and put them back in and it fixed it, seems it was the wiring or souldering maybe it were they have been knocked?

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Thanks lewis; I dropped it off at an Auto-Electrician last week to fix the brake light and he's done that and the indicators.

He's a good chap and is going to replace my oil cooler hose while he has it so i've left it with him for a while. 8-)

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