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My bike came from the previous owner with LED indicators, I like them and they passed the MOT.

However the wiring is crap and messy - just loads and loads of crimps.

I am wanting to solder them, but am worried about damaging anything. I have put a multimeter across the terminals with the ignition off and there is no reading - so in theory i should be ok?

I really dont want to take teh battery off!

So my question is - Can i safely solder my wiring, as long as the ignition is off?

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If you want to do it properly I would use bullet connectors (this is what most OE stuff it), then you can remove the indicators if needed and replace them easy enough. Less hassle than soldering to.

However if you really really want to solder them then it will cause no damage.

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Make sure you have a nice clean connection before you start soldering,otherwise you need to hold the iron on longer resulting in the heat travelling up the copper and melting the sleeve,also use heat shrink and not insulation tape,looks a lot better

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