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They seem to have a good rep, partership with suzuki I think so you would'nt go wrong.

Looks a bit expensive though as I would have thought the brand would be cheaper than the big four not dearer.

You can pick up a brand new CBR125 on interest free credit at honda dealerships just now and they are about £300 cheaper.

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You arent going to believe me on this but though the Hyosung will depreciate more, they are very very good bikes. A DAS instructor told me that they will not blow up no matter how much of a thrashing you give them. They are much more stable and handle better than most rivals as most reviews point out and I have ridden the GT250R (the one to get) so I know.

You can have a GT250R on a restricted lisence so why not get one of those instead???

They have a growing rep at the moment as they have surprised alot of people with what they can actually do including MCN.

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OK here is my 2 penneth worth

£3k will buy you a brand new 125 from yam, honda or the hyosung(sp). I have ridden both the hoyusung gt125 and the cbr 125 so I can speak on both but the yam is new and I havent ridden one yet, but TWO did a test on the yam, honda and Aprillia and the yam did really well.

So whats to chose between them, well from experience the hyosung is a bigger bike, it looks and feels a who lot bigger than the cbr which to be honest feels tiny. These 2 bikes performed about the same although the honda is much better around town but gets a bit asmatic around 65mph. The yam looks absolutly mint and is supposed to be a little faster top end, however this is just from reports though.

If you have 3k available I would go see all three in the flesh, but also have a look around for second hand ones, I have found the gt 125 on auto-trader for £1500-£2000 for a one year old one! The CBR is cheaper second hand but thats purely becuase there are more available.

If I had 3k available then I would go for a second hand hyosung as its a bigger bike and looks nicer than the cbr IMHO. If you absolutly have to have a brand new bike then go look at the yam before you buy, but if its because of finances then just look around as there are some second hand cbrs in dealers, but yamaha are doing some good deals on the YZR-f125 like 0% finance.


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I fully respect you getting any bike and any sized bike you want...but is AGE an issue here? Cuz I see a £3000 budget which to me equals £500 on a DAS and £2500 on any bike you want! Plus a good six months to get the easier and cheaper test. :?:

Just seen your DOB. You're 21 in about a month. That means DAS doesn't it? DAS DAS DAS DAS DAS, edit that, CHEAP DAS, EASY DAS, BIG BIKE, ANY BIKE, FAST BIKE, CHEAP DAS!

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