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Buying gear from a bike show

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I'm thinking about going to the International Motorbike show at the NEc in november and will probably end up buying a few things I need.

Did anyone go to last years show and if so, is it a lot cheaper to buy stuff there rather than from a shop?

I need to get a back protector (Knox contour) and maybe some new boots. Just wondering if its worth waiting til november to get them?

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Went last year myself.

Helmet for £200, retail at the time £330

Boots for £70, retail at the time £130

Gloves for £95, retail at the time for about £120

Not all good though, some things are actually more expensive, so get a good idea of what you are looking for and get the prices before you go so you can compare.

Up to you if you risk riding around for a couple more months without a back protector though. I can't answer that one for you, although I would say get one.... tops you will be saving yourself £20 on one..

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Thanks Korben. Sounds like quite good discounts on some stuff then.

I don't actually have a bike yet but fingers crossed I should in the next month or so.

I've got a textile jacket from Hein Gericke which has a back protector (and elbow/shoulder) built in but I want something a bit more substantial once I've got a bike.

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To be fair i would say dont wait there are plenty of bargains in the shops especially this time of year and you dont have to pay top dollar for decent gear.

If the show was close by and you needed something then fair enough a lot will be selling old stock, which there is nothing wrong with but the shops do this most of the year round.

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I think it was J&S that were selling leather one piece suits for next to nowt last year. I had a look at them and couldn't believe how poorly made they were, and as for the colours - you'd have to be blind, not just coolour blind, to wear them outside in daylight.

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go with a shopping list and price everthing up off ebay shops first so you know a good general price to pay.

Only buy from a known brand as a lot of the kit sold at the shows is tat in my opinion. Oh and make sure you try anything on. If getting a back protector make sure they check it fits properly and get it after you get any leathers so you can try it on with the leathers zipped together. Also a good plan to sit on a bike too! (plenty at bike shows)

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Shows can be good for bargains but I wouldn't go there just for them! I'm going to the NEC to see the new bikes and kit. If they happen to have some items on my shopping list for cheap I could be persuaded to buy them! As long as they all fit into my panniers...

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