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Had a Few Problems With Bike Today...

Guest Sean

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Ok, First of all, Sorry about the length of the Post, Please Read on though and try and help me!

I was out riding today for an hour or two, went to work fine, came home fine, the Bike was running perfectly the whole time.

Then, I was sitting at this roundabout in first gear ready to pull away, I opened the throttle slightly and the bike cuts out..

So I started it up again, put it in neutral, tried to open the throttle again and the engine cut out again.. (Repeat x3 lol)

The bike was fine just sitting there ticking over, just when I revved it the engine cut out.

So, after about 10 minutes of me sitting there waving people to go around me, with the bike running in neutral, it finally starts to liven up again.

So I rode it home (about half a mile) with no problems at all, and its been fine ever since.

Does anyone have any idea what happened? And if so, do you have any advice on how I can prevent it from happening again?

Help is Always Appreciated!

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Nah I was fine for fuel, I filled up the bike two days ago.

It was cutting out ever time I tried to open the throttle for about ten minutes, then afterwards it was fine and running perfectly again...

Seems kinda Weird to me...

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it should be, if you have some basic tools then read through the section in the manual that explains it and check you have all the tools you'll need. Then go slowely and methodically through the process.

On my KTM I have to clean the air filter after every ride, but then it gets pretty dirty when ridden through the stuff its designed for. On the road you shouldn't need to do yours too often, but if its not been serviced for a while deffo give it a go.

I'd be tempted to tell you to give the bike a full service, but am not sure how confident you are with the spanners?

If unsure either grab a mate or your old man or someone that knows their way round an engine and give it a go or get it to a mechanic to do, but again take a knowledgable person with you when arriving and collecting so as not to get ripped off.

The manual you have should tell you all the basics you need to know in easy steps!

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Carb icing, try a premium brand petrol or additive. As days draw colder, you might get problems again.

It doesnt need to be icy weather to happen, its caused by the fuel evaporating lowering the temp of the jet in the carb, killing the performance.

The main jet will ice up, and the idle circuit stays clear hence the bike will run and not rev.

Blame poor quality fuel available these days.

Thats my guess.


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