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Brake lever juddering


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Hi all,

I've noticed since a ride on sunday that my front brake lever now seems to judder when ever it is pulled normally. It happens both when stationary and moving. However, when i apply some upwards pressure on the lever and then pull it, it seems to move smooth and as happy as larry. It feels almost as though it's metal against rubber causing the judder. Front brake also seems a little spongy all of a sudden at the same time as the juddering started... brake fluid looks okay, disc seems okay... only thing i haven't checked since sunday is the pads.

Any advice?


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if it feels like this even when you are not moving ?

i would look at the lever itself ( pivot bolt may be loose ,corroding , need lubricating .... basically make it as free moving as possible ....

especially where you say if you raise lever then do it it is smooth .....

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your lever pushes a cylinder into the mastercylinder, there are various seals inside, sounds like one of these have maybe moved out of place, check the dust seal hasnt worked its way in and is getting trapped too

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