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Biker Trousers

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Having bought my new RS125 and with it derestricted it will easily pop 100mph. And recently I've seen alot of incidents involving knees because of lack of protection which lets their knees be obliterated.

I need some decent trousers to wear preferably with padded protection and are pretty well priced.

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Trust me - no mattter what you're wearing bits of you will be missing if you fall off or come into contact with anything solid at far lower speeds than 100MPH.


Came off a dodgy 50cc bike at 50mph when I was 16. The engine blew and I got thrown straight off. My jacket took the brunt of it well but even that doesnt have padding on my back (need to get that changed as well). When I got up after what felt like a million rolls and skids I saw my jeans had been ripped all over and had resulted in my getting bad grazes in those areas so I would really love someone to direct me to some decent trousers, not leathers I don't like em.

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Anything with CE approved armour on the bendy bits and a back protector, and hip inserts too if you can find them.

Akito are in the ascendency at the moment - have a look at them first.

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sadly to say at 100mph you may be startting to like leathers a lot more ;)

but saying that i have in my ar$3nal a set of akito python trousers no complaints apart from non removable lining

or a set of rsr k2 trousers with removable lining

basically think ahead if you are going bigger bike soon will you be thinking better protection then so rather than fork out again ...

I just bought leathers after the bike upgrade as i felt it was now required with the increase of weight and power/speed ( yes i only do 70mph no matter what bike lol ;) )

Rsr daytona leathers 2 piece

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Get some decent leather jeans(pref one piece)

Remember its an ickle bike, youre gonna be hunched up, and a jacket/trouser combo are gonna try to part company. One piece is gonna make sure your kidneys keep warm, and protect your lower back in a spill.

Its a top dollar bike, get some good gear to go with.


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