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Carrying camera kit on bike?

Guest Orkney_Rob

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I am trying to work out the best way to carry my camera kit on the bike, it is much easier parking the TDM than the Vitara when I am out on a shoot ;-) Anyone got any suggestions? We aren't talking a compact here - DSLR, 3 lenses (+), Tripod, Flashgun, Filters & Holder, various batteries, memorycars, cable releases etc... basically the whole lot fits in a good size backpack!

I had conisdered finding a Givi rack to fit (cheap on eBay preferably) and bolting that onto the back of the bike, bodging a Peli case to mount onto it and adding a couple of straps with a rivit gun to the case to hold the tripod. There are Lowe Pro bags that fit perfectly inside some of the Peli cases which are about large enough to do the job.

Ideally I need to then find a pair of pannier frames and panniers too... and a way to strap a tent to the top of the Peli case (perhaps some more straps rivited on is the answer) for full on tourability to build my stock portfolio....

The other option would be to get a big tank bag and either fit an existing camera bag inside it, or get some foam and go to town with a stanley knife making a custom insert and carry the tripod on my back... or just wear the backpack with tripod strapped to the outside of it (just worried what this may do to the handling of the bike... and in the event of an off it would be a deeply expensive experience!)

Any thoughts are much appreciated! Don't want to spend too much cos a) I am skint and b) I will probably change the bike before too long ;-)

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86cm collapsed, so yeah... bout 3 ft.

The top box route was the original idea, and may be a better bet so long as one of my existing camera bags fits in snugly (since I can then use it for other stuff)... things aint cheap though are they!!!! Keeping my eye on eBay for a preloved givi rack to suit since they know how to charge for two bent bits of metal and a flat bit to stick on the top new! I was toying with getting a fabricator to knock me one up on the cheap!!!

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