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what sort of budget...

Guest mnutz

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Hi all,

I was just wondering what sort of budget should I be looking at putting aside for:




2 piece leathers

2 piece textiles

Obviously I don't want to just go out and buy the cheapest stuff when it could be responsible for saving my life, but then I also don't want to have to pay out through the nose just because of who makes it!

I'll be looking at riding all year in all weather conditions, and I will have to buy 2 sets of everything for me and the missus. Please add anything I may have over looked!

Thanks :D

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This is quite hard to answer as it depends on your attitude to value. I decided to get decent kit right off the bat, as I figured if I bought cheep stuff I would only end up having to replace it all next year.

All I can really do is tell you what me and my missus spent, with the caveat that you can certainly get stuff cheaper.

£1300 for both of us. You can see details here.

(2x Helmet, Gloves, Boots and 2-piece textiles)

I think quite a few people here rate Akito kit, which is a bit cheaper than the stuff we bought. I found Shoei helmets to fit me best (start around £200), but if you're lucky and Lazer, Nolan or HJC ones fit you, then you should be able to get a decent one for less

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This is a toughie question mate. (Can I suggest you add CE Approved Back protectors to that list as well. They are an important bit of kit in my eyes).

Altogether I have so far spent about £1150 on my kit, but I pretty much bought some of the best you can get.

Alpinestar leather jacket and trousers.

Shoei Helmet

Oxtar Boots

Alpinestar gloves

I have bought an Alpinestar back protector which 6 months later I replaced with a Knox one.

Then you have the little things that I did not get to begin with..... I need a thin balaclava for under my helmet in the summer, and a winter one for warmth and neck protection in the cold.

I have since bought 2 more visors, and one more pinlock for my lid (Does not sound alot that, but the best part of £80). Also don't forget earplugs.

PMC recommended Akito. Not used the stuff myself, but not heard anything bad about it yet. TimR used to use it and raved about it.

Hope this helps mate.

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You've just missed the BMF Tail End which would have seen you kitted for under a hundred quid!

Check for any bike shows, there are usually bargains to be had, end of line, last years colours etc.

There is a place at Scunthorpe that does mail order - well under market prices, can't remember the name though! (I think Pete 247 put a link on once)

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