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Steering lock replacement

Guest Saber

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Someone tried to steal my dads Sachs (soon to be mine, hes just reliving his youth) but failed when they got to the big big chain in the front wheel, however they cut through the steering lock, can you get this replaced without buying a new frame? and if so, how much would it cost?


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im guessing they did. i suppose they got interrupted or something. ah well at least we have it :), getting an alarm fitted and immo too soon.

So is that really my only option?

Cheers for reply

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as you have just found out, a steering lock is absolutely useless and will only stop ya nan from stealing the bike!

As long as there is no damage to the steering head I'd just cure rust then prime then paint the frame where its been damaged and forget about the steering lock (as you seem to have other security that does stop the opertunist thieves)

My KTM has a steering lock, the key fits but it don't work. Rubbish things that just ask for the local chavs to butcher your steering head snapping them off!

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