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Disc lock + Other bits!!

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Can anyone recommend any particular makes and places to buy? Looking to buy one and don't really know where to look online :?


Edit: Instead of starting various threads off, I was also looking for a sat nav for the bike, can anyone reccommend one, and also looking for a good rucksack with different compartments etc.

Cheers all

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ive got an oxford boss alarmed disc lock http://www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk/p/OX ... TH-34.aspx . Nice bit of kit (and thats a really good price)... BUT although its been on my last 4 bikes and been loaned to various visiting bikes, it wont fit on the vfr. Tis well worth checking the sizes out

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just buy any that is thatcham approved or Sold Secure

these locks are only good for deterring thieves away

if they really want your bike they will take it :(

heres some on the bay: http://motors.search-desc.ebay.co.uk/th ... sofocusZbs

edit: i have the Motrax Guvna as it fits the whole disc lock so i didnt have to worry about what mm holes my brake disc had, tis a nice lock.

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Agree with what everyone says on security.

Satnav. I have a TomTom Rider v1. Had it since it came out, great bit of kit. There are others but the TomTom has done me proud. Only gripe I have is there is an issue with the charging cradle, very very tiny pins on the cradle are supposed to charge it whilst it is docked (on the bike when you use it) and under vibration (inevitable) it wont charge. I got round this by fitting a lighter socket under the seat so I could charge off of the in car charging port. Apparently they have addressed this on v2 but mine is still fine although battered looking now. Been through Europe with it and the States. My favourite trick is to head in a chosen direction for a couple of hours, with a destination in mind. Stop. Turn TomTom on and ask it to take me to the chosen destination via the shortest route. Had some great fun over mountains and stuff.

NOTE: shortest route. Fastest route puts you on main highways etc where the view is generally crap. Shortest takes you like a crow flies. Many a time I've wondered if the road was gonna run out but great fun.

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Like people have said, it is important that the locking pin is small enough to fit through the holes in you brake disc... the other option is to fit it all the way over your disc and secure it on the inner of the disc.

I bought a Xena disc lock first out and got it home and found it didn't fit as the distance between the locking pin and the other end was too short to go all the way over my disc but the pin itself was too big to go through any of the lightning holes in the disc. I took my bike with me when i went to exchange it and tried the some more locks at the shop, i ended up buying an Abus Granite detecto which is nice and chunky.


I would advise getting an alarmed disc lock, you get a nice moderately loud siren that alerts you if anyone's playing with your bike and even better - it will let you know if you try to ride off whilst it's still locked.

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