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head bearings on fireblade rrx

andy ninja

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whilst repairing my bike after last weeks off i have found out that when you turn the steering side to side there is a notch in the centre there is no 'play' in it. i only noticed this whilst the bike is stripped of its wheel and fairing as it is now off the floor,, is it an easy job to do? and am i better off doing it whilst the wheel and nose fairing is off because as soon as i get my wheel its going on hopefully! any advice welcome or you can come do it for me lol!

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well people.. the job is done minus a roadtest and tightness re-check! all in all a resonably easy job to do i managed to get the outer shells out easily with a drift the main problems was getting the inner shell off the bottom yoke which i used a dremmel to cut a slit and prised it open.. and getting the new inner race over to the bottom of the stalk.

soo thanks people for the advice, glad i attempted it!!

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