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motorbike lids!

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hey, i'm looking to get a lid soon and i know its best to make sure it fits etc but is the SHARP tests a good guide to go by?

http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle- ... system.htm

i thought all arai lids were good but the condor only got a 2 out of 5!

also the shoei XR-1000 got a 3 out of 5!

is there another safety rating guide i can also use to see what helmit i can buy! my budget will be ab out £400 for the lid!

as a guide the Shoei Raid II fits my head fine! it is rated 4 out of 5, but i'd like to get the most safe lid i can!

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They're all safe. Get the one that fits your head best. The SHARP test is fatally flawed, in an attampt to be different to the other tests (EU/Snell etc)

If it EU compliant (which all lids sold in UK are) then it will be OK.

You will also see crap about Gold ACU stickers. These are only required for racing, and even then there are fakes for sale to overcome the non existence of them!

Price doesn't necessarily mean it will be better, fit is more important, it is generally the quality that goes with price (that said my Corsair has had problems, although sorted by Arai)

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i only have bought nitro and had various crashes and i still not brain damaged yet (well maybe just a little)

theres lots of good helmets without having to spend a fortune

and dont listen to these peeps with expensive helmets saying how quiet they are pmsl anything is quiet with earplugs in pmsl

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The sharpe tests are not proven and there is some controversy over whether they are testing in the correct place on the helmet...

By all accounts they picked the points to test the helmets using figures and calculating percentages per incident and all sorts of cr4p...

The star ratings don't take into account the fact that if a helmet doesn't fit your head shape properly it may cause a more significant injury in the event of an accident...

I would always go with what feels comfortable... That way you know your head fits in it properly...

The sharpe tests are just another tool for the insurance industry to get round paying out if you have an accident and suffer an injury..

They will claim that your helmet was sub-standard and so the payout will be less.... :roll:

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Guest philgale
or e-bay! :)


no.....never get a lid off ebay you dont know if it fits and it will get thrown around by the loverly royal mail while its on its way to you

last lid i got was a shoei raid 2 (i think) cost me 180 from the NEC bike show, was down from about 250.....

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If you want an Arai or Shoei try:


But only buy when you have tried the lid you want for size in a local shop so you know what you need to order.

A lid with an expensive paint job is not necessarily as good as a plain lid, its just got a nice paint job. My Arai is plain matt black, looks awesome with the dark visor and by getting it from the above shop it cost £180 less IIRC than the same lid with a race rep paint job form an Arai Phonix UK distributer, oh and ALL European lid shapes match up with UK lid shapes so the fit should be identical.

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