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next bike?

Guest toothe

<t>which bike should i set my heart on</t>  

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  1. 1. which bike should i set my heart on

    • r1, it the bike you wanted as a young un
    • gsx, cracking bike and cant go wrong with a suzuki
    • cbr, go oonnn
    • wha bout a triumph or ducati

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ok guys, im allready looking at next bike. prolly 18-24 month away now, when i got 2 years no claims and full car liscence as well. i cant decide which bike to get tho.

i had my heart set on a r1 for a while in black, love the looks, like yamahas and they are cracking bikes.


but went to stokepet run on sunday and fell in love with a GSXR 1000. they dont look as nice imo, but sound awesome.


i know its a while off but still, o yeah maybe a repsol cbr as well lol and i can always mod an r1 gsx etc to sound how i like :P

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should have said, they are colors id have.

just found this tho

http://www.josch.org/motojournal_pict-o-rama_08/KTM/slides/KTM_RC8_stll_blck_br.jpg to confuse things more. good job i got 2 years

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Guest philgale

if you do a lot of twisty road riding go for the gsxr750 same frame as the 600 so can throw it around and it will be quicker on the twisty roads compared to the thou.....

and they aint the colours i would have, blue and white gixxers are far to common, go for the black and orange or relentless



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The CBR looks all well and good but an R1 is incredible. The power is dead up untill 7000rpm so remember to buy a C.D.I from its nude brother as that gives the same horse power but power all over the rev range.

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Gixxers are the clitoris of the biking world, every ***** got one!

All good machines, go with your heart. They will all out perform any rider and provide enough power to get you into all sorts of bother very, very quickly!

Go Honda, Go Honda!

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Sod it - get a Speed Triple ;-)


Having bad, bad thoughts about them myself...

And pretty much anything else on the market ;-)

But nakeds just look so much better! And I firmly believe that 4 cylinders are too many! Not ridden a 4 cylinder yet though so may change my mind (mate just bought a Fazer 600 so I will get a go on that once he gets his arse up to visit with it!)

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f**k me after 2years of riding ure going for an R1. i know i would kill myself :lol: after a 600 fazer wat about a 600 sports or 750 sports because they are quicker and better handling than the fazer anyway.

but a thou sports after a 600 all rounder is a big jump

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new or used depnds on whether i can afford new and if i keep my fazer as well.

i'm going take em for test drive so ill know which is best then i figured.

750gsx is an option, but then so is something really different like an apprilla.

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I think Vodoo has the right idea, go with the heart. You need to be able to look at it and smile, not be envious of what is parked next to it. You can't spend long doing 176 miles an hour but you will spend alot of time doing 30 -110 ( It wasn't me officer it was the voices, they made me do it ). And they will all do that!

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