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new paint on lid

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I contacted the Simpson website and asked what the difference between race and bike helmets was and apparently car helmets are fire proof and bike helmets are more impact resitant - I was told categorically that they were not suitable for cross-over use.

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Snell impact and penetration tests are the same for both M2010, and SA2005.

M2010 is the NEW Snell standard for bike helmets, and SA2005 is the standard that the simpson RX falls under for motorsport use.

The only noticeable difference is that field of view is smaller on the race helmet.

I appreciate this, and ensure I make sufficient shoulder checks etc, which I agree do require the user to turn his head a little further.

In exchange for this, I get a fireproof lid, very stable at speed, very safe, and arguably the best looking lid on the market.

Oh yeah, its vents are a bit draughty for winter tho, and threading your spectacles thru the visor hole is a wee bit harder than my Arai.

All in, yes its a race car lid, its as safe as the current bike lid standards, it looks good, and Ive got one and I love it.

All the best, Rolla :wink:

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