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thinking of making a hand made immo


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if you do this make sure it is of a good quality switch designed for the conditions it is going to be subjected to nothing worse than flying along for the switch to start packing up due to vibration etc and cutting the feed ;)

Look at rally/racing cut offs similar to http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/resources/images/zoom/lma785_1.jpg but these may be a bit large for a bike and can be waterproof

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thats the plan but still needs to be water proof and not get shaken to bits it needs to be hidden but accessable lol im thinking under seat


only problem i always see with under seat things is that if say you have panniers on (throw overs ) it can be difficult sometimes to access the underseat area easily especially for a quick switch

why not go for something like this and its thatcham approved

http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Mod ... doy=Search

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or instead of imoobiliser

wrap thin copper wire around the grips and connect the other end into the spark plug cap so that it is in contact with the plug connector .....

Anyone who then tries to steal bike will not be in such a mood to do so after 3000rpm lol

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For me, a silent alarm works very well. Mine texts me if moved, no siren, no need for a potential thief to rush, so much more chance of catching em for a......'chat'?

Immobilisers are all very well, but I can carry my bike........

Better thing is a decent lock, and ground anchor. I guess the thing is to think like a thief, when you park up, would you be able to nick your own bike? If so, move it or secure it in a different way. At the end of the day, nothing is certain, but a ground anchored alarmed bike is gonna be a bit of a pain to nick.

Oh yeah, dog helps as well.

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How about a cheap mobile phone on pay as you go (hidden somewhere under the seat), plugged in so its always got a charge and register it with one of those internet tracking companies. If it gets nicked, you'd be able to track it on the internet and go round and break their legs, or just send the boys in blue round.

Like this one!

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