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phillip island predictions


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Will rossi lose interest now and let somebody else win?

or will he ride it like he stole it cos there's no pressure now and really rub their noses in it?

my prediction:

1. Stoner

2. Rossi

3. Lorenzo

also think vermuellen and west will do well with it being their home track.

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1.Rossi 2.Hayden or stoner 3. Hayden or stoner

Rossi likes the taste of winning again and has been reported as wanting to equal or better stoners win tally last year...

Hayden likes left handers and goes well at philip island...

Stoner because he is riding a guided missile and if his wrist can stand it will be very quick round there...

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When does Rossi ever ride not to win?


With you there Techno - don't think 'sit back' are words in Rossi's vocabulary! :lol:

After that I'm going for:

Stoner (if he can stay on :roll: )



I almost wrote that down today. I don't think he will crash out though...... What does he care anymore.... Not like he can win the championship any more!!

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Rossi doesnt know how to ease off . He may end his moto G,P career as the best the world has ever seen . . . So its Rossi 1st . Stoner 2nd . Verm 3rd . he is at home track and i do support rizla suzuki ride a suzuki , smoke rizla papers , and love the rizla blue paint scheme .

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Philip Island is a bogey track for Dovi..

Suzuki have struggled appart from when it was wet...

Lorenzo!!!..... Well there's a highside in the making....

Pedrosa will struggle because of tyre data but a top 5 is possible...

Toseland and Edwards possible top 5 but more like top 10...

Tony Elias!!!!..... Dark horse and could be a spoiler.... :wink:

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if Pedrosa can't get away at the front, on his own he will always struggle as, as far as i am concerned, he cannot race. He is fast on his own but can't handle a scrap and i don't think he will ever be a world champion at this level.

Rossi will want to rub salt into the wounds and keep Stoners head messed up for next season

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Vermeulen made his moto GP debut at phillip Island in 2005 and scored his maiden podium at the same track the following year . bringing his rizla suzuki gsv/r home into 2nd place . After the disappointment of last weekends retirement in japan . he will be trying very very hard to look good at home . fingers crossed by me any way . lol

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Mr Rossi is gonna be doing his best to prove his dominance and screw everyones confidence for next season.

He had some bad luck when Nicky won the title and that Duke was so far ahead last year it was a one horse race so i think its good that hes back on top.


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