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'Clunky' CG125 Gearbox


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Was just wondering if any of you could shed some light on the little issue i have with my poor little CG - no harm in asking i'm thinking:

Its an 02 plate i've owned since December 07, for the last 7K miles (its done about 21K in total now, i think), and its always 'cluncked' when changing between lower gears (especially neutral to gear 1/neutral to gear 2/gear 1 to gear 2).

Its just that i think the problem has slowly got a little worse over my ownership, with louder cluncking. It also occasionally fails to change between these cluncky gears correctly - although this is thankfully a rare occurance. The bike also seems to 'grab' (for want of a better word) very slightly when the throttle is closed slightly whilst in motion. I don't know if the two are related.

Someone mentioned clutch drag on a post on here regarding a gearbox issue - i have no idea what this is about but i'm sure some on here will be able to tell me whether it could be something to do with it :D

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