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Annoying but helpful (2 me) market research

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What brand of motorcycle clothing do you wear?

Why do you wear it? (cost, comfort etc)

In your opinion, which brand is 'the best' and why?

i wear an RST textile armoured jacket its waterproof and comfortable, i wear frank thomas bike boots also waterproof and comfortable, i wear rst black thick leather gloves comfortable and waterproof and i wear an Arai tour x Ewan mcgreggor helmet very comfortable and leightweght

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i wear HG Panther II jacket and pants predominantly because they were the only "off the shelf" leathers that were a good fit being that they come in a longer version for tall skinny people like me 8-)

i also wear Swift Torsion X boots as they were in my price range, comfrtable and have the added bonus of being waterproof although they are a bit too "racey" for my liking, i would have prefered something a little plainer.

and finally i use Alpinestars SP-3 gloves again because they were in my price range and i wanted something thin so that i could feel the controls as i'm still learning :)

hope this helps

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BMW Gortex 2 peice

J&S Jacket With back plate, shoulder, elbow, chest guards

J&S Kevlar Jeans (Blue)

Gortex Water proof Trousers

Big All weather high vis jacket (Monarch Airlines)

RST Leather Boots

J&S Touring Gloves

Unknown Leather and stuted summer gloves

Carsbor Trip Matt Black Helmet

BMW Gortex Suit and Leather gloves £unknown

J&S Jacket £50

J&S Jeans £70

J&S Gloves £30

RST Boots £40

Helmet £99.99

Weatherproof Over trouser £3 (primart)

Monarch Jacket £Free

Gortex suit is good but old and not very good in rain or direct hot sunlight

Unknown Gloves - nice for summer and short distance

Gloves - ok as long as there is not to much rain

Jacket - very warm in summer, ok in cold weather (inner coat helps)

Jeans - hot and not very comfy if warn with no other trousers on lol

helmet - great

boots - leak in extream rain

Over trousers - good for what they are

Big jacket - great!

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That's where she is always leading Tim... No matter what the subject is!!!! :D :D

I wear Alpinestar Gear clothing. Wanted good stuff and was willing to pay for it... It's comfy and has everything I wanted (Crash protection and looks good).

Personally I do think A-star is the best.

A-star gloves.. See above

Oxtar (Now TCS) boots... They only make footwear, they should know their stuff!!

Shoei Helmet.... Fitted me noggin perfectly....

Knox Back Protector.... CE Level 2 protection and seriously comfy.

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Hein gericke for me..

But a caberg lid.

Hein Gericke cos they is warm and waterproof (textiles) and offer reasonable protection.

Caberg lid cos MCN gave them a 9 outta 10 a couple years back and I haven't looked back.

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Aldi 2 piece textile suit £140 purchaced March 2006 does what it says on the tin

Shoei XR1000 helmet £349 purchaced October 2005 bought after reading safty tests

Altberg boots £125 bought after a recomendation puchaced five years and 25000 miles ago still doing what there supposed to do

Hien Gerrick medium weight gloves £34.99 purchaced in April 2004 still keeping my hands warm and dry

J&S leather trousers £20 bought second hand off a mate four years ago

Furygan leather jacket £325 bought February 2007 very comfy

havnt had any accidents so cannot comment on the above products safty aspects,as for comfort warmth and weather protection nome have let me down,having said that all my textile gear gets a treatment of Fabrisil on a regular basis and my Leathers treated with Renapur

Boots are waxed every three months

My old man always said look after your kit and it will look after you

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What brand of motorcycle clothing do you wear?

Heine Gerrick armoured half leather half textile trousers, and matching armoured textile jacket, EDZ undergarments, Dainese boots, Alpine Stars gloves and Nitro helmet. Also have Pro Stars two piece leathers (unworn as yet). I have other stuff as well (summer jackets, heated jackets etc), but haven't worn it yet so not included.

Why do you wear it? (cost, comfort etc)

Some I was given, some I bought, but I am comfortable wearing it and feel it gives me adequate protection.

In your opinion, which brand is 'the best' and why?

No idea, I am a noob when it comes to bikes and all associated things, so I take hints and tips from on here and bike mags.

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i have a caberg lid but looking into an OSBE

RSR amoured leather jacket becuase its oh so comfy and cheap, had a good ol slide down the road in it and not even a mark!! dusted it off and its good as new

Hein gericke boots, again really really comfy and protected me in 2 offs, cant fault em

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What brand of motorcycle clothing do you wear?

Mainly Hein Gericke textiles (4 different waterproof jackets and pants and a mesh summer jacket). Also use their tfl cool leather pants. EDZ under wear. Alpine star 365 gloves. Richa summer gloves. Alt-Berg boots

About to be issued with Halverssons kit, so things may change!

Why do you wear it? (cost, comfort etc)

Cost for a start off. Get it issued! I have also bought a textile (Voyager) and the mesh jacket. I bought a second pair of Alt-Bergs too. These are without doubt THE best bit of kit I own. I love 'em!

In your opinion, which brand is 'the best' and why?

Boots - Alt-Berg Strong thick leather, comfortable all day. They have walking boot soles. 100% waterproof and warm. Excellent aftersales (re-soles, panel replacement very reasonable pricing)

As for the HG stuff, it is also 100% waterproof well made and fits really well too. Priced well. It is not the cheapest stuff, but it works. The cheap stuff doesn't breathe so you can end up just as wet through sweat and cold too. No doubt the really expensive stuff (like Halverssons!) will be superior but on balance cost to quality/effectiveness, Idon't think it can be beaten. I've had Dainese stuff, good but no better for twice the price. HG are also everywhere and have a good selection of choice.

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I have Dianese D-Dry textiles, Sidi Black Rain boots and Racer summer gloves (need to get some winter gloves ASAP).

Catherine has Bering textiles, Gaerne boots and Joe Rocket gloves.

We both have Shoei Raid II helmets.

We chose this stuff because we wanted textiles for all year riding (leathers maybe next summer). After that it was all about getting something of good quality that fitted well.

I originally wanted HG textiles based on the recommendations of others and the price, but it was all cut too generously for me. Catherine chose all her kit almost solely on fit/comfort. I say almost, cos she wouldn't be seen dead in stormtrooper boots or anything pink regardless of how well it fits :lol:

more info on the kit we bought here if you're interested

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What brand of motorcycle clothing do you wear?

RST leather jacket - old top of the range model I think... was massivly reduced in J&S, I think it is 2005/2006 vintage!

Held leather trousers - had em for years, used to get lived in on stage and done some serious drinking in them. Deeply comfortable and must be bombproof to have survived so long! I have just bought some matching old 2006 RST leather trousers on eBay though as they were cheap and I figured that a bit of armour wouldn't go amiss!

Got some cheap RST fabric waterproof and insulated trousers too off eBay a while back, saving them for when it gets really nasty though! I will probably pick up a fabric jacket soon too for the dark months.

Lid - Shark S500 Air - comfort and cost were the driving factors on that one

Gloves - Frank Thomas summer gloves since they had a good fit. Buffalo winter gloves (both leather) for the same reason. Both pairs were pretty cheap too ;-)

Boots - Sidi something or other MX jobs. Leather, solid (to the point that they took weeks to break in and probably aren't all the way there yet!)

Why do you wear it? (cost, comfort etc)

All cost driven, starting up is expensive enough and there is no point buying all the top end gear if it ment no bike... so by compromising on previous seasons gear and lower end brands it allowed a cheap motorbike too ;-)

[i[in your opinion, which brand is 'the best' and why? [/i]

Dianese looks good to me - they have a good rep for armour in the mountain biking world which is nice! Would like some TCX boots in the future too. The other option is to go down the custom made route....

Lids - considering Schuberth and Shoei for the next one.

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Oh I forgot I've also got some Hood ND4 Jeans and a Forcefield Pro L2 back protector.

I bought the jeans as they seemed to offer the best protection I could find in jeans and I bought the back protector off the back of the RiDE recommendation (after checking its comfy)

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What do I wear?

Leather jacket £150. (was 299) No idea what make it is. Padded and has armour in it.

Richa leather trousers, armoured £150.

Buffalo gloves with kevlar protection £40.

Shoei Raid II £160.

Oxtar boots £90.

All brand new from a friend of a friend who runs the clothes business of the local bike shop. (Steve at Bikes of Brighton - cheers mate)

All the above were reduced quite a lot, I done well I think.

Why do you wear it? (cost, comfort etc)

Simply because when I went to buy he said "you will need these" and proceeded to kit me out in the above. I didn't really have a say in it, just took his word and trusted him really. Cost didn't come into it as I had a budget, told him how much I had and he sorted me out.

In your opinion, which brand is 'the best' and why?

Don't know really. When I renew my gear I will go for word of mouth of what my mates are wearing then go and see Steve!!!!

Had some Joe Rocket summer gloves last year and they were pants to be honest, never again. Has put me off buying anything with JR on it now.

So, I have helped you out, do I get a discount on a back protector?!?!?! :)

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AGV longway lid - very comfy, but find it very noisy at higher speeds.

Hein gericke 2 piece leathers - fitted well, moved well, not too heavy.

Hein gericke gloves - quite cheap, well made, fitted well.

Alpinestar boots - smx somethings - fitted well, easy to move in.

Also have a knox back protector, oxford buffs and wurth ear plugs!

We dont have a great choice of clothing stores around here, so I went to hein gericke and got all my gear at once. But was more than happy with the service and product so will be going back!

Dont tend to ride in the wet so waterproof clothes didn't appeal - however if I know i will have to then I wear a North Face oversuit. Looking out for a proper bike oversuit though, as the zip on this doesn't go right down to the crutch making it harder to get on!

Also am loooking for another lid (not a flip) to make longer journeys easier on the ears :lol:

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Blaketron... where is there in that area? Just wondering - hopefully one day (should the house ever sell) we will be relocating down to darkest Cumbria. Windermere is on the watch list but it is more likely to be Kendal or... even more likely due to costs... Ulverston.

Had hoped to be down there already, but the housing market has scuppered my master plan :cry:

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Arai RX-7 Corsair helmet

Richa two piece leathers (in summer)

RST Cruiz two piece in winter

Sidi boots, for summer

soon to be TCX Infinity for winter.

RST SRT 6-7 gloves

and loads of under layers when the frost bites. Brrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrr.

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