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2 stroke rebuilds


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Still deciding whether to go 4 stroke or 2 stroke on a sports 125. NSR RS CBR YZR type of bikes, heard a lot about 2 stroke reliability and needing engine rebuids. Got experience of rebuilding simple car engines. No experince on bike engines.

just wondering whats involved in a typical 2 stroke engine rebuild. I,e is it just a top end rebuild, replace of gaskets or is it down to bottom end with new piston crank.

cheers for any info

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If you have a 2-stroke and you don't stupidly tune it and rag it about everywhere because lets face it, at half throttle you'll still be leaving a cbr125 behind.

Warm up properly before opening the engine up and building the revs nice and steadily as you ride will make it just as reliable as some 4-strokes. Engine rebuilds arent required. When you need one, you know you've been an idiot with the bike.

And a new engine costs £300 and a good rebuild around £200. If you service the bike yourself which its easy as 2-strokes are very simple then you'll be saving compared to the CBR125 which is meant to be serviced every 5000 miles or so just to keep it in check.

To own a 2-stroke is like a right of passage where I come from :lol:

Motorbikers around here say if you havent owned one your not a true biker and just a lazy wannabe.

Not my words just so everyone knows, none of you are lazy wannabes :D

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Cheap on a single cylinder for rebuilds etc.Unless its got a plated bore, then its a bit more costly.

Can prove expensive for crank rebuilds on twins, but if you use good oil, and maintain em, they can be reliable.

However, there are a lot of potential issues out there, they dont like running lean at all, even running outa fuel on a tuned stroker can upset em, they are notoriously weak/prone in the powervalve department, and pistons have a shelf life like ready to eat Guavas.

By comparison, a 4 stroke well looked after will pretty much go on, and on.(unless its a Kawasaki..teehee)

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