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Side fairing

Guest MNO

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Right, I need a side fairing for my RS125, (the left side if u sit on the bike, but apparantly they call it the right, from what I've seen anyway)

Anyone know where a decent place to get one is? I mean, I'm guessing getting it ordered in from an Aprilia dealership is going to be about 250? which is alot.. I had a look on ebay and I found a few right side fairings for cheap (under 50) which were fine, but the wrong colours. The only ones that I could find with the right paintjob were £250, and all from ireland =/

Point me in the right direction please

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What colour scheme is it???

I had a 2000 RS125. Currently running a 2008 model in.

The fairings I got for my old one were £120 for both side panels. I did respray though as the colours were mis-matched.

I did the re-spray myself, metallic silver if you want to have a go 8-)

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Well apparantly my dad (owns a smart-car repair franchise) can repair my side fairing because he has a plastic-welder and some other fancy stuff to completely sort it :)

so all I need is indicator + gearshift lever and some new decals.

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