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How old should tyres be on CB600F Hornet?

Guest richiep

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In May I got my hands on a lovely Hornet with only 4000 miles on it even though it was a 1999 model. It still has the original tyres on it.

The tyres have plenty of tread left on them but should I change them anyway because of the age.

I've done a 1000 miles over the summer with no problems but I'm not so sure.

If I do change 'em, had anyone got any recommendations.

Cheers, Rich

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I think only yopu can decide if the tread is ok and the ride ok as youve done 1000 miles so assume they do then leave them.

However if its a wory to you then for peace of mind get them changed, also trye technology has come on a long way in that time so some you tyres may help improve your riding as well.

Also if you are staying around why not introduce yourself in the newbies section :wink:

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Speaking as an ex tyre fitter...

I'd change them. Tyres have a limited shelf life, if my memeory serves correctly it's around the 5 year mark and then it would be illegal for a supplier to sell them.

There should be a date stamp on the tyre wall somewhere... You know they are at least 9 years old... motorcycle tyres are very different from car/trailer tyres, and it is recommended that they are changed every 7 regardless of tread depth.

Essentially it's up to you, but you asked.. :lol:

As for recommendations... there are loads out there and a lot of it is personal preference. I like Bridgestone but others would prefer something else.

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Thanks for that. I appreciate all the responses. I'll get them changed as as soon as possible.

Any one got any recommendations bearing in mind that the front tyre is smaller than the modern Hornet?

Thanks again.

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