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I know this has been brought up b4 but couldnt find it here.

Basically my bike is a state to the point that cleaning it while its still in 1 piece wont do much so im going to take it to bits to do it.

What I want to know is what is best for cleaning parts such as the swingarm, frame, wheels etc. And what is best for cleaning,getting small marks off of the bodywork. WD40 just kind of cleans it a bit but smears it around maybe paint thinner??

And for the bodywork ive seen in halfords some stuff in fat white spray bottles cant remember name but its expensive.

So what is best for the metal parts and whats best for bodywork in your experience.

ps.try keep it simple, i dont want to be mixing various things together lol

atm im thinking soap and water for the bodywork and a can of engine degreaser for everything else

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Autoglym bike cleaning spray, new big sponge for plastics, old big sponge for engine, even older big sponge for rear wheel/swingarm and chain.

get an old toothbrush for the nooks and cranies.

get a tin of ACF50 for after you've cleaned the bike and squirt over all the bolts/screws/nuts etc, apply to all the metalwork (except the brake disks and pads and clutch/front brake levers) with a cloth, also apply to the plastics with a clean cloth to get a nice shine, you don't need to use lots!

Use parafin on the rear wheel (not tyres) and swingarm and chain adgitating stubborn bits with the toothbrush, rinse off thoroughly with lots of clean water. Dry the chain completely and then apply Worth dry chain lube for reduced fling to all sides of the chain.

Don't use the ACF50 on the headlight or seat either as its very slippy and also will cloud on headlight plastic possibly when the heat from the bulb gets to it.

The ACF50 is a corrosion inhibitor from the aviation industry, pukka stuff it is!

Oh and when cleaning winter dirt off your bike use COLD water NOT hot water as the hot water reacts with the salt and can speed up corrosion etc.

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Autoglym Motorcycle Cleaner for the general wash, all over....you spray it on, leave a few minutes, hose off. Tooth brush/small brushes and parafin to get at stubborn greasy bit (chain fling etc), then wash the bike with Autoglym Shampoo.

Hein Gericke bike cleaner is as good as Autoglym and cheaper ;-)

ACF50.....brill! Like Pete247 said be carefull, it spreads/creeps and you REALLY don't want it on brake disks/calipers

Scottoiler FS365 is good as well

Cleaning your bike :-0

How to become a Cleaning Freak...

Cleaning Spoked Wheels


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Its wierd, me road bike is all mucky but my Enduro that gets a proper hammering in the mud is pretty much the cleanest bike I've had (yeah ok its a bit scuffed now after all its over 1 month old! LOL)

Yeah just confirming I'm on about the bike cleaning spray, not autoglym bike polish. With ACF50 you don't need to polish your bike anyway as it protects the paint and makes plastics nice and shiney!

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