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Sheered bolt


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Please help guys i'm going mad.

Just did an oil change and in retightening the oil check bolt in the cylinder head the head of the bolt sheered off leaving the thread inside. It's not leaking oil but obviously I'd like to get something in there so i can use it as an oil check bolt. I don't want to drill it out because the metal filings will get in to the oil flow and that's not good. Any ideas?

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you need a set of easy outs

drill small hole in bolt and screw the easy out in a anti clockwise direction it will screw into the bolt and tighten up just keep turning and the bolt should come out

they are a reverse thread by the way :)


ps dont overtighten bolts in the first place :lol:

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Sorry Rolla, what's a centre pop? A centre punch? And how will that get the bolt out?


thats exactly what i was thinking!

but im older than u and i didnt wanna look daft :s

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