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The time has come to upgrade the old tools and browsing ebay for hand tools is hard cos theres so many

worth spending the dosh and getting snap-on or draper which isnt as expensive but apparently good quality. Theres some draper sets and i cud spend 120quid ish and get a full socket set all sizes and drives.

Alternatively I can get the same for about 30quid but would be no-name low quality stuff.

Any1 had any experience with the cheaper tools? I dont want stuff breaking the first time I get to a tough bolt. Or could anyone recommend some mid-range good quality tools

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Halfords Professional are guaranteed for life. So are Draper expert. Both pretty good apparently. I can vouch for the draper but not the Halfords.

Personally I prefer to buy the best I can afford because I've had one too many tools break on me when using them... knuckle rash... :shock:


(missed something..) Cheaper stuff will distort mate. Especially sockets. Spanners also will round out quite easliy, like I mention I like the better stuff so you know you can trust it and therefore give it some welly with confidence... :lol:

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If you cant afford snap-on, MAC, or similar, Id recommend Halfords Proffesional.

Ive used em professionally(as well as snap-on, which frankly are no better) and they are excellent.

Never broke one, chrome never flaked, always look good(important!!)

Definitely better than Draper or similar mid priced stuff, and ALWAYS better then budget.

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Teng tools is good quality stuff, ideal for the home mechaninc. If your going Draper, make sure its the expert and even then have a feel of it, the expert stuff seems to be suffering poor quality at the moment.

Snap on stuff is just a waste of money for the home mechanic, i don't even have that much snap on stuff for work.

Britool is another good tool maker.

Do a serch for Bergen, ive got to sets of sockets which i found on ebay, and is awesome for the price i paid, and it gets proper abused!

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No good though as the largest socket is only 19mm apparently and that is like 5mm too small for the largest nut head on my bike and the next largest being 22mm. It looks like a good all rounder but i'd rather spend the extra for less parts and get the £99 set with up to 32mm socket.

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... QAWidgetID

I think that will be my next purchase after pay day!

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We have some random draper tools at work and they are a bit hiss or miss.

The draper socket set is missing half its bits due to either being bent or deformed, and the rathcet doesn't really ratchet too well.

The silverline spanner set was dirt cheap and gets some real abuse - we had to modify a 17mm spanner the other day to get a blade off a machine, it took some grinding so must be quite tough :lol:

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cromwell.com draper, kenedy etc, use these on aircraft so quility is good for a bike you dont need much really 1/4 drive ratchet and socket set maybe a 3/8 drive and sockets.

screw drivers (PH 1, 2 and Flat Maybe PZ and TORX) stanly blade for the gasket removal on metal and a metric spanner set oh and a hammer very useful a small tack hammer. crimper and crimps/splices speed brace maybe and ratchet Spanners are usfull, locking wire pliers if you lock wire (safety wire) pipes or instead of cotter/split pins lol

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I have a shed FULL of all kind of tools.

A good 90% of all my tools come from boot sales,where you'd get a box full of mixed sockets and spanners for under a tenner.

I've literally got every tool i could ever need ((ever needed so far as a car mechanic) and i bet i got the lot for under £100.

I'm not just talking vehicle repair tools either.

Seriously get to a boot sale and save yourself a lot of money rather than buying new...

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Halfords currently are running an offer where as you buy the 150 piece professional socket set and get a 7 draw tool chest free

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165572

now if your in no rush keep checking the website because this socket set was reduced to £99 back in August :wink:


Looks like a good deal now :D

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