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Luggage ideas please...

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We need some luggage for our GS500. Thinking probably a top box as it will be useful around town as well as for going away.

Had a look around and can't find much in the way of options. Givi do one for the '97+ bike, which might fit, but I don't know as ours is '95. And its expensive... given how cheap the bike was I don't want to invest too much.

Does anyone have any ideas? There will be two of us on the bike, so tail packs probably won't work, and would quite like a box we can leave stuff in.

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A Good Topbox (like a givi or similar) is going to be expensive, but it will be solid, waterproof, the locks will work, it will take abuse, etc.

A cheap topbox might work for you if you just want something to stow a few items in while riding around and can deal with the shortcomings. Another option (not cheap but probably cheaper than a nice givi rack and topbox) would be a rack and soft rear luggage - like ventura (http://www.ventura-bike.co.uk/) makes. :)

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I really like the look of the ventura stuff, but you couldn't leave anything in it - great for a weekend away, but rubbish when you want to leave your boots, overtrousers, or helmet in the box, while you spend the afternoon in Hyde Park!

I might consider investing in Givi or similar (I guess you move the box onto the next bike, and only loose the rack), but at the minute I can't confirm that Givi make a rack to fit.

Thanks for help


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Renntec do a sports rack for the GS and cover your model. about £50

Givi do a universal rack/plate which you bolt onto a sports rack and hey presto.. 30ltr box and universal plate £40.

and then you can re-use the plate and box on other bikes.. the sports rack can be repainted using black paint as required.

also looks better than a full givi system.

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That would ideal if it will work. The bike already had a renntec sport rack when we bought it.


However... the manufacturer says its not suitable for fitting a topbox

There is adiscussion on Visor down about using a renntec with a Givi box... quite mixed opinions ranging from "as it tubular it will probably need extra bracing" to "I've done and its fine"

Has anyone here actually done this?

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i have on numerous bikes, and if fitted properly doesn't require extra bracing, unless you plan on carrying some gold bars after an italian style job..

also, i have just removed a Shad topbox and plate, which my mate (jademongoose) has fitted to his bandit, without any probs, the shad system was a full piece, and ruined the look i wanted for the GSX, plus i run with a tank bag and panniers when required, which isn't often. and it gives his missus something to lean/rest on.. lol

check out JadeMongoose pics


heres a topbox fitted to Gs500 standard rack using a universal plate.


heres one fitted to a TL1000S

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check out pics from our run.. you can see topbox fitted to rack on bandit clearly..

Jademongoose is on the teal Bandit, and i'm on the silver GSXretro

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Went to York from Kendal this weekend for 3 days with sleeping bag, roll mat, loads of clothes, shoes and loads of other crap - got it all on like this:


The topbox is bolted on to the rack at the back, magnetic expandable tank bag, and the tailbag is strapped onto the seat.

Also got sports panniers for when my lovely pillion prohibits the tailbag!

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Thanks for all the replies guys.

We decided to get a tank bag and soft panniers in the end too. Catherine still wants a box for leaving stuff in around town/doing the shopping, but these are ideal for a weekend away.

We went to cardiff this weekend for a friends birthday. A pannier each for clothes, odds and ends in the tank... perfect.

Its Hein Gericke ProSports range and so far seems excellent. Its a bit more expensive that the Oxford First Time kit, but felt better made.

Easy to fit, expandable and waterproof (+ Dayglo orange covers for when its really wet and to aid visibility). I'm very happy.


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We didn't need them expanded for the weekend (I reckon we could go away for weeks with them expanded!), but we do travel light - skills honed inter-railing around europe.

We will be using them again this weekend, so I'll try and get a shot of them expanded when we put them back on. They are supposed to be 48L according to the blurb.

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