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Hi all; I found this website: http://www.datacraftsystems.co.uk/techn ... index.html and it contains some really good info! I was not taught much of this stuff at all leading up to my test! It is scary to think that I now have a full motorbike licence but I, and presumably many others, were taught about a half of what's on that website (e.g. the cheerily-named "decapitation zone"!!! Nice ...)

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Great! Plenty of very useful/insightful stuff on here.

Could someone please advise on clutchless gear change? Is this for real? :? It is suggested here that it is less wearing to change gear without using your clutch. Would this apply for both wet and dry clutch?

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I read that and thought "No! Clutchless gear change? If I tried that on my car I would get nothing but an awful grinding noise!".

Anyway, I went out and tried it on the bike and I found that if the revs are just right (between 4000 and 5000 on my bike), the clutch pops up effortlessly and the gear slips right in, with no throttle blip required! Cool! If the revs are too high, the clutch foot-lever refuses to move and I have to change gear using my hand as usual.

The only trouble I've found is that because I ride a 125, 5000 revs in each gear is not actually very fast ... so I can use the clutchless gearchange, but I only accelerate as fast as a normal car if I do - so the clutchless change is no good when I am ragging the f*** out of it to get gone at traffic lights!

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