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CBR 125 idling speed question

Guest ZisforZombie

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I have had my 05 CBR 125R for a couple of months now, and have noticed that when the engine is warm it idles at about 2000rpm. Checking the manual it says a warm engine should idle at 1400 +/-100.

Question is, do you think my current idling speed is a problem? It states in the manual how to adjust it, but I am a total (enthusiastic) newbie with this sort of thing so not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Could it be indicative of an underlying problem (although I haven't noticed any problems since I bought it)?

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Some people set there idle speeds a little higher to reduce the chance of stalling at lights/junctions.

The person who at the bike before you might of done this. It will show you in Haynes manual how to slow it down anyway.

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anything been changed /moved on it

does it increase/decrease if the handlebars are turned lock to lock ? if so cable could be routed wrong/trapping not allowing the cable to return to its position

it could be the cable is getting stiff and not returning to its position so a bit of lubrication down the cable/throttle linkage/grip twist may be the solution ( does it shut down lower if you twist the grip as to to decellarate )?

i take it with choke off you mean ?

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Yep, choke is off (pushed all the way in) and it idles at 2000 consistently after a 40 minute ride.

Will have a look at the cabling when I get back from work, thanks for the pointers! :)

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The manual says it should idle at 1400 +-100 after 10mins stop and start riding.

Have you looked at the idle speed after 10-15 mins of riding?

If it is 2000rpm after that, maybe just adjusting the idle speed as mentioned before.

It says how on page 72 of the 2004 manual with all the idle speed info.

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