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BRIDGWATER HOG invite you to join us on this our 9th Hoggin' the Bridge. The ride will take place on Sunday 19th October 2008 and will start off at 11.00 from Severn view services junc 1 M48 on the English side of the Old Severn Bridge near Bristol. It then takes a route through several towns and villages and culminates in the town of Chepstow.

The roads and car parks in Chepstow will be closed to other traffic and only open to participants of Hoggin the Bridge.

All we ask is a small donation of ten pounds per person, bearing in mind this is a charity ride. For this you get to ride with some 3 to 4 thousand bikers, mainly Harleys, though ALL bikes are welcome.

Tickets for Hoggin the bridge IX t-shirts can be obtained by ordering before and up to Sept 30th. The ticket can then be exchanged for your pre ordered Hoggin the bridge T-shirt and pin, by producing the ticket at the Bridgwater HOG stall in Chepstow on the day. One donation, one t-shirt and pin. Please read the general terms and conditions.

If you dont want a t-shirt you can just turn up on the day, all we ask for as it is a charity ride, is a small donation. The first 1,500 will receive a HTB pin.

Finally, have a great day out in Chepstow, with all the shops, restaurants, pubs and cafe's open. A number of first class bands and biker related street stalls for your pleasure.

So book your Hoggin the Bridge ticket on line now, or print and fill in the form. Take your place on Hoggin' the Bridge IX.

Thank you.


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Great day out.....

Anyone going..?? Last year there was over 4,000 bikes and they ran out of parking for bikes.....

Plenty of stands and great entertainment all day.....

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Your not going to be on your own from here.


I think I should have about 20-30 riding from Magor Services, meeting at 0930 & leaving at 1000 for a steady trundle over Old Bridge to Aust.

Most of group will be Legion Riders some Welsh Rideout Club and thaj from here, plus possible waifs and strays who passed test with Beacons View Training.

You would be welcome to join us.

Black 1100 Draggie with Legion flag on the back. My 6th year.

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You would be welcome to join us.

Black 1100 Draggie with Legion flag on the back. My 6th year.


Cruz, I may well take you up on that....hopefully, this lovely weather will stay with us....

9:30 at Magor......no problem.....

I am on blue/white GSX1400 and may with with my better half on red SV650S...

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Sorry I missed you Bill and Terri. It all got a bit manic on the day :( , I have never seen the car park at Aust so full. I was parked in an area that has not been used in previous years and the access road was also being used for parking.

It took me 20 Min's to exit the services, after the bridge I rode most of the M48 solo as a huge group went direct into Chepstow, this I don't understand as the first year the ride went to Chepstow most participants moaned about the ride not being long enough :?

Also this is now a public spectacle and gives the non-riding public a view of bikers you don't often see in the news.

It must have been disheartening for those people who stood on a bridge for two hours waiting for the bikes to find 3/4 mile gaps.

I suppose it depends if you do this ride for yourself or for the causes it supports and the good of the motorcycling community.

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