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Advice on chain lube etc.

Guest rick

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Just got home on my new Fazer (2002 Foxeye), and the previous owner lubed up the chain ready (kinda green/gold in colour). The bike is also fitted with a Scottoiler (setting 2 at the moment).

Compeltely new to bikes, chains etc. how often should I be lubing it, or will the Scottoiler keep everything in check for me?

Sorry for the newbie question :s

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its best to lube ARTER every ride :)

you lube after as the chain will be warm and the lube/oil gets in to where its needed

if you have a scottoiler check to make sure its working properly they only work with the engine running and you want 1-2 drops per minute on to the chain

the scottoiler will look after it if its working right and kept full of oil :)

what i want to ask though is why has the previouse owner lubed the chain when it has a scottoiler :?

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Don't know too much about Scottoilers other than if it works and you have it set right they are very good.

If you don't use the Scottoiler though you will get a million answers to this question.

Personally I make a point of lubing mine after every ride (average ride 100 miles). It's better to lube a chain when it's hot just after the ride.... Your chain will soak up the lube better.

Some say after every ride, some say every 100 miles, some say every 200 miles some say even more...

Remember to clean it as well.... I use a cloth soaked in Parrafin to clean the chain, then lube it after with spray on lube....

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what i want to ask though is why has the previouse owner lubed the chain when it has a scottoiler :?


He doesnt like scottoilers (after paying loads for it and getting it fitted!) and so switched it right down and manually lubed it.

Thanks for the info guys.

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Just checked the scottoiler... it wasn't dripping quick enough so I have changed the setting and its now dropping every 30-40 seconds at idle.

I'm going to give the chain a clean this weekend and then re-lube and leave the scottoiler working and see how it goes.

I'm also going to sort out the downpipes, engine paint, give the bike a bloody good clean and sort out some flat spots on the radiator before fitting a chrome grill :) If I get chance I may also give it an oil change (last one was 4500 miles ago).

I need to put my stamp on the bike :)

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