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Most Popular Fairings?

Guest JamesLanceley

<t>Most Popular Bike make</t>  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Most Popular Bike make

    • Kawazaki
    • Honda
    • Suzuki
    • Yamaha
    • Aprilla
    • KTM
    • Ducatti
    • Other

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Hello Im new and im looking to purchase a bike ive just got a few questions that i thought you guys may be able to help me with?

Im looking to buy a bike from new and im just wondering what the most popular bike make is out there at the moment e.g Kawazaki , Honda, Sizuki etc.....

if you could please advise me then that would be greatly appreciated

Ive also added a poll so if you could please vote that would help me also

also im looking to make my bike stand out from the rest and buy a custom fairings kit so could you please tell me which are the most popular fairing kits e.g the race replica ones etc...

If you could please give me some advice then that would be greatly appreciated

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thanks for you reply :D

il have a look into the newbies section this forum looks very informative and it also dosent look too spamed up with advertisements which makes a change 8-)

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best fairing? none 8-)


your saying that there isnt a best fairing, like most popular?

This suprises me as i would have thought that one of the race replicas would have been you know for example like on motocross bikes people like to get the monster and rockstar sets to be like the riders in the Mcross championships

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Hi mate... When it comes to fairing go with personal choice mate. You can get some great race replica fairing nowadays....

Im with Foz though... Best fairings are no fairings!! :D :D


when you say no fairings do you mean like plain colours, black is sounding good no stickers or decals tho just plain black

should fit into the night well :P

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Guest philgale

only way you will stand out from the crowd is with a full custom paint job....think of something you havnt seen before and go for that

race reps are ten a penny now

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