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How Often Do you Ride?


<t>What do you use your bbike for?</t>  

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  1. 1. What do you use your bbike for?

    • Communiting in all Weathers
    • Communiting in Dry Conditions only
    • Eve/weekend Biker
    • Full time Transport - no access or wish to use a car
    • Full time Transport - with access to car

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Just a quick fire pole to see what the make up of members on this forum do. Sorry if I dont cover every area....selfish but its just the ones Im interested in. Thanks

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Have ridden for all them reasons pretty much, but now its just for fun, trackdays on the gixer, MX and greenlaning on the KTM. Go for the odd blat on both when I can be bothered. Have a van to transport them so rarely do my bike tyres touch a motorway which means they stay round for longer! :D

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I put commuting all weathers cos I do, but also its pretty much my only transport as willow has the car and the only other option is the motorhome which is a pain in the backside to use as normal transport.

Although if its really icy or its snowing then i do use the motorhome!

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At the moment I'm only a fair weather biker as the bike hates the wet. Some handle it well but not this one it seems.

I used to use a bike for full transport then 2 months after turning 17 I had a car lisence which is when I decided to turn into a fair weather rider.

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I pretty much only use my car for commuting to work the rest of the time me and my wife prefer to be on the bike. I ride all year round. Salt took its toll on the Bonnie engine cases last year so I have replaced with chrome. If there's salt on the roads I will probably be out on the MT-01.

I can cope with the cold it's the visor misting that gets me. Must remember to use that anti mist stuff I bought last year.

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50 mile daily commute round both Derby and Nottingham Ring-Roads? Bike, every time, no contest!

I do have access to a car/cage, and some days I do kindof miss the hot air blower going like crappity-smack but then I tootle off through the traffic log-jams and remember the time I'm saving EVERY working day.

Car journey (approx.) - 80 mins each way - x 2 = 160 mins

Bike Journey (normally) - 30 mins each way - x 2 = 60 mins

A saving of 100 mins a day sitting in traffic x 5 (for a working week) = 500 mins (8 hrs 20 mins a week)

Assuming five weeks a year off for holiday = 47 working weeks = 391 hrs 40 mins

Which equals - 16.3914444.. days NOT sitting in traffic causing pollution etc.

Who says bikes aren't environmentally friendly?

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All day every day if I can. I'm going to be using my bike this winter (first winter) and all year round from now on.

Only problem I have is my bike is parked outside at work during the night (working nightshift) and it's a struggle sometimes to get a decent start in the morning, especially since it's only a short journey to and from home & work

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