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What Earplugs?

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Either that or get some professionally molded ones done... About £100!! :shock: :shock:

If you use the foam one correctly they work very well.... As sad as it sounds, read the instructions.


I think I need some of them, not because of bikes but because I is a DJ :D

I think I'm starting to go deaf already!

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I think I'm starting to go death already!

as the old saying says if it dont make your ears bleed it aint rock n roll

but hmm i don;t think ear plugs will cure you of death .....

unless you challenge the reaper to a game of hopskotch in the middle of the m4 and get him to wear some so he does not hear the approaching 40 tonne artic .....

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I've used loads of these things including moulded, professionally fitted and cheapo ones (I have been advised to use them in a professional capacity as the GP I had to see said the wind noise at legal riding speed can halve your hearing levels every 5 years!! :shock: :shock: :shock:)

The best ones I have used by far are the soft (almost dayglow!) green foam ones (I think they are Motrax - but might be wrong!)

(My bag of them is at work so I'll advise when I go back next week!)

They are great! I know it sounds gross but always wet them (yes by putting them in your mouth - or you could wee on them if prefered!!) before you put them in (better seal and far more comfortable!)

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when you get some and try them you WONT like them

but keep using them you WILL get used to them and wont be able to ride without them

so much better with them 8-)


Agreed and believe it or not you can hear the bike better as its not drowned by helmet wind flow! :thumb:

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