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CBF 600 starting problems


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I dont know how i have done it, but i have found a honda that is unrealiable and my luck is that its mine haha, most mornings when i come to start it up it really struggles normally goes up on 3 cylenders and coughs u along and its fine in the end, i took it too honda they plugged it into there computer told me it was fine, i get no fuel injection code flashing on the light, which leads me to belive it maybe something else, i have done the obvious such as cleaned all the plugs air filter oiled all the electrics ect to no avail, it still doesnt always start, its worse in wet weather my i add, and its kept in a garage when im not on it, so im stumped, its a cbf 600 faired version and its 2008 model, fuel injected, its got the old cbr600rr motor in it, any help greatly aprectied thanks guys :) :cheers:

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2008 so still in warrenty

take it back on a trailor so its stone cold and show them what its doing

by the time you get there it will be all warmed up and the missfire has dissapeared

how many miles are on the clock ?

ps pop in newbies and introduce yourself :D

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Guest philgale

sounds familiar to my old bike.....have you ran the tank dry? best bet is to drain the tank and put fresh fuel in it that sorted it for me....

but dealers did it....tell them to keep you bike over night if you havnt got a trailer then they can see it in the morning

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took it back to my honda deal, (were im not going anymore) stone cold, showed them ect they kept if for 3 days, they spun me some story about an injector being blocked, when i picked the bike up it was warm which wass supsicious to me, took it home next morning it wouldnt start up very well, so i took the tank off drained all the fuel went round all the electrics with WD40 spark plugs coils ect, fueled it up, put a shot of red ex in it, been riding it a few days now, no probs yet, hope its sorted :D

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i would drop an email of complaint to them about it and a copy to honda too you never know you might get some free vouchers or something :?

there is something wrong somewhere and will come back again

it will be a bad connection

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