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HELP required for CBR600 1990

Guest clarkie

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Hello All and hope someone can give me some extra pointers to try. I have a CBR600 FL model i think 1990 G reg :?: A couple of months or so ago i just had the bike put on the road and after a couple of weeks the starter solenoid would work and then wouldnt work. Then the bike starter to backfire in the mornings but 1 of the exhaust clamps is broken and it has been leaking so i thought this might be causing it to do this :?: So now after been of the road for 4weeks due to been to busiest with my business i started to checked it over if i put a spanner accross the wires on the solenoid then it turns over, but there is no fuel coming out of the fuel pump outlet pipe but the fuel is going though the pipe at inlet end i had connected a spare pump and relay but still no fuel coming out of the pump :? could anyone give me any ideas of how it works and is there anything else to check :?: Also i had a new battery for the bike when it when on the road it is a dry cell battery and the shop charged it for me, now this has gone flat how do i charge this. Do i use a normal charger or not, i havent yet charged it as i not sure how to charge this sort of battery. I think that is about it and hope to speak to some of you later.



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when you place the spanner over the wires that creates a direct bridge as it is direct from the battery it does not feed the ignition in that way so unless the ignition switch is turned on the fuel pump will not work as it is ignition fed ... check the fuses if it still does not work with the ignition switched on .. sadly i cannt point you in the direction of the fusebox on this model ...... check the battery connections as well as this may cause problems such as mentioned with the intermittent starter as well as all cables to and from the solenoid and starter motr if possible

dry cell batteries will require a charger suitable for them so without knowing your battery charger it is hard to specify if it is suitable for them

hope some of this helps

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Special charger required, you'll kill the battery with a regular one. Why not buy an 'OPTIMATE' or similar, that will also trickle the bike when its not in regular use.

Bridging the solenoid will only spin the motor over, as has been mentioned, the fuel pump will only cut in with ign on.

CBR6 fuel pumps are fairly prone to corrosion and failure. You may have got 2 faulty pumps. Try removing the tank, bunging a long fuel hose on, and trying the bike with the fuel gravity feeding into the carbs with the tank on prime on a cupboard or shelf.

That way you can isolate the fuel pump as your running issue.

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I did have the ignition on when turning it over, i presume that solenoid is knackered and i have to buy another one. I thought i needed a different charger thats why i have charge it yet. I Will try the gravity feed way hopefully tommorrow and see if that works. Cheers for the help and advice and i keep you posted.

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