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Daytona Boots

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Evening :)

I have trouble getting boots that fit me and went and tried on some Daytona's today.

The footbed was lovely and comfy and they're a really nice boot, but i'd still have to have them custom made to fit round my calf and leathers. They're not as expensive as I thought they'd be so am seriously considering getting them made.

What i'd like to know is....has anyone got Daytona's and are they as good as i've read/heard?

All info would be welcome before I part with my hard(ish) earned cash.

Cheers all

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Mrs DTM has a set of Daytonas..... I just said to her, 'you got daytonas ain't ya?'

She replied, through slugging whisky, (woodford reserve, bloody lovely, was on fry does america)

'yeah, effing brilliant'

Shes on her second pair now Bigsis, and swears (obviously) by them.

Hope this helps!

DTM and The Wife

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I've got a pair of Daytona boots which I've worn for about a year now. They are without question the most comfortable and secure boots I've ever owned. Other boots I've had have included Frank Thomas, Sidi, Alpinestars and Dainese, all of which have their good and bad points but none are anywhere near as good as the Daytona boots. Highly recommended. :D

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Don't forget that you can put insoles into your boots to get the comfort once you have found some that give you the fit you want.

I put the shaped insole from some old trainers into mine, and then added a fleecy liner for added warmth and comfort.

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thanks para, but the snag i have is that i have big calfs/calves(?) :? anyway.....can't get boots to fasten around them and my leathers so have been wearing short boots which are lovely and comfy but just bought new dainese leathers with calf protection so my old ones won't fit and ones i've tried on are nowhere near. and i've got a fat ankle from a really bad sprain years ago!

thought custom made would have to be the answer but was worried about the cost. found out yesterday that daytona charge 20% on top of the normal price for custom so i think it's ideal :D

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I've worn Daytonas for the last 10 years at work - they are brilliant. Comfy as carpet slippers on and off the bike. 100% waterproof.

Only down side is the soles can wear out fairly quickly - but thats probably due to wearing them 8 hours a day.

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hi there never used them as i tend to use oxtar/tcx but i know ppl that use daytonas on road and track and dont have a bad word about them other than the price but if they last and your only option then money well psent if u ask me

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