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Honda NSR 125 1988 SuperSport

Guest OldSchool

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Hello and good morning everyone,

I have a Honda NSR 125 1988 SuperSport, it only has 1800 miles, how ever it has been sitting in the garage for a good 15 years! it is in pristine condition.

My question is, what needs changing with the Motorbike that has not been used for this long, Is it possible to collect the parts and make my mechanic change them? Will I have to change just about everything? I have no knowledge in this area so please help me out.

A very nice forums you have here, and many thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


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Hiya OldSchool, pop into the Newbies section and introduce yourself!!!

As for the NSR, after 15 years I'd imagine you'd be best to change ALL the consumables, tyres included.

So obviously oil, petrol, plugs, air filter, check condition of hoses etc...

Cool bike though. Reminds me of my yoof... 8-)

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Hi mate

Very nice bike!!! If you can get her up and running again you are a very lucky man. Don't know much about them myself unfortunately, but someone on here should be able to help.

Drop into the Newbie section and introduce yourself!!

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one question .. you say you have no knowledge of this sort of thing but you have the benefit on a mechanic ?

why not allow your mechaninc to assess the bike and he then can report back with what is required to be done ?

for instance you may buy all these things previous to be told when its under the spanners that xyz is required and the cost or availability of that part means that the cost or econimc viability of repair suddenly makes it more than what you anticipated

thats my opinion

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Hi there. can i just say, what a great bike! i had one in the summer and i loved it :D

mine had been sat for a couple of years and it needed nothing apart from fork seals.

however it would be wise to change the coolant, petrol, oil, gear oil and brake fluid. check tyres for splits and check the pads havn't separated, and that the brakes arn't siezed. check the brake hoses for signs of perishing, and check the chain and sprockets aint too worn, . also clean the carb out as its sure to be gummed up with stale fuel.

these bikes are bullet proof so it shouldnt cost you alot to sort it out.

it still might be wise to let a mechanic take a look tho

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where are you ??

have you got any piccies?

you might want to strip the motor as if its not been touched then it would be best to make sure everything is ok. Seals may need changing and your better off knowing now rather than doing all the other work and it dumping its oil and blowing up.

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