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help please- stolen key


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when my house got turned over they took my bike key!

i'm moving bike to mate's garage tonight with his trailer.

i need to get a replacement key.

anybody know best/ cheapest way to do this please?

no rush cos helmet, gloves, leathers and textiles all fire damaged so will replace once insurance pay out.

thank you!

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Got a friend who had her car keys stolen in similar circumstances. Her contents insurance would not cover it unfortunately.... Your bike insurance will cover it though, although I suspect the excess will mean it ain't worth it and you lose your no claims.....

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remember you only loose 2 years NCB not all of it

so if your old like rennie who probs has 20 million years i dont think it would make much difference :lol:

just means you have a claim against you and the cost of excess which could probably pay for it :)

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Your local main dealer will be able to get you one - I can't remember if they match the key to the igntion or the ignition to the key, but they might require your bike to be present to synchronise them both together.

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if they have your key and you have a factory immobiliser based on a chip in the key... DO NOT JUST REPLACE THE KEY!

Get a new lockset and ECU (if thats where the immobilieser is???) as they will be waiting for your bike and will just ride off with it otherwise. You maybe able to get the immobiliser re-coded so that your old key wont work but they will still be able to unlock your steering lock and roll the bike into a van!

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Thanks guys - think he might be able to get it sorted now.

Its not a chipped key I don't think-because of bike's age, and believe he can take bike details/log book to Honda dealer and hopefully get a new key. Its an import so not sure if that makes any difference though :?

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When my car was stolen (4 weeks after I got it brand new), they found the car but the key had been taken by the thieves when they left it with the intention of getting it later on.

Was a "steal to order" thing.

It took Audi 8 weeks to get new keys programmed.

I know that will be different for your bike by the sounds of it, but I suppose if it isn't HISS activated then it may be more staright forward, and probably cheaper to get a whole new barrel and lock.

Though your insurance should cover it.

I take it you don't have another key with the wee plate attached ?

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  • 1 month later...

just an update :lol:

managed to get 2 new keys £40.

mate took bike for MOT, it failed!!! :cry:

only a sticky head bearing though so he's going to sort that out.

just waiting for some money off insurers so I can buy some more gear and I'll be back on the road :D

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