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New Bike 600-700cc advice please


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    • FZ6S2 (ABS)
    • ER-6F
    • CBF600S
    • Bandit 650SA
    • SV650Sport
    • V-Strom 650GT

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Hi all... after riding the 125 for a while now and gaining some confidence and bike craft, i'm finally thinking of taking the plunge and moving up to the bigger league.

I'm looking for a faired bike around the 600 - 700cc mark used equally for short distance commuting as it is long distance play-time at the weekends.

It would be good to know how highly people rate each of the machines... good and bad points please :D

Okay... so far, ideas are:




Bandit 650SA


V-Strom 650GT

Your opinions?

Also added a poll for squits and giggles.

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Gone for the SV650.... Great all rounder mate... Can't go wrong there... Sure Phil Gale will agree.. :D

I agree with Big Sis!! Probably only one winner here.


you be putting words in my mouth my dear :P

irony not obvious when typing! :lol:

actually went with the bandit heard good things about the new ones

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I would worry about keeping it rust free... often don't clean after a ride until i can find some time - which is usually a week or so. I guess that's a pretty bad idea on any bike but it would worry me if they were particularly susceptible?

What about the pillion seat on the SV, it doesn't look like much fun?

One vote for the Kwak... Tom? :lol:

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Guest philgale

just to throw another bike in there, i know its a 750 but check the insurance you will be pleasantly surprised


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Guest philgale
The Z750 is a stunning bike but i'm looking for more wind protection, looks like it'll be a bit blustery on the big roads.


my bad, i presumed the bandit and fazer would be the naked ones.....

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All those bikes are good choices. Personally I always favour Honda but then I'm biased.. :) The wife has an ER6-f.... I've had an SV...

I think you need to sit on em all and see which feels right when you are on it.

My only comment would be, you get a smoother ride from a 4 cylinder than you do from a 2...

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Pictures of them all here for ya's;







The ER-6 gets my vote :)

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where is the hornet a gorgeous bike 8-)



Indeed a very sexy bike, but looking for a faired beauty for a bit more wind protection.

Not quite a SV white wash as predicted, the kwak seems to be coming out on top... I will indeed sit on them all before choosing.

Anyone give me pros/cons of any of the above bikes - handling, fuel consump, how good the fairing actually is in practise, build quality, throttle response, pillion comfort... sorry to sound such a noob (cos i am really) but just want to get to know about the bikes from people with experience on them.

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Change of heart...Get a Triumph Daytona 675. Better than all those and its a sport bike. Sporties rule :mrgreen:


Agreed! 8-)


Triumph Daytona 675 (2006+)

Top speed 160mph

1/4-mile acceleration 11 secs

Power 123bhp

Torque 53ftlb

Weight 165kg

Fuel capacity 17.4 litres

Average fuel consumption 40mpg

Tank range 125 miles

Insurance group 16

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