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Sunday forecast is good


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Not gonna make it myself... Been out in the car this morning and their is way to many wet leaves on the roads...

Car's ABS kicked in under gentle braking at one point, so be careful out there everyone!!

you missed the best day on the cat by far ........ wentover it 3 times weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

TC i passed you in Stockie you on way home me on way therr

my day has been thus

left 7.15ish in wet misty conditions

rode up to stockport in same weather

Stockport was sunny :shock:

went to see Angelic Wench for a coffee

left there did think doing snake but passed on it so off to Cat omg first time this year its been not raing and blowing a gale so as mentioned i got my moneys worth .....into cat for coffee ..speaking togixer 750 rider and tried selling him willow/akeys but he only just replaced engine after crashing it on mallory hairpin so nomoney.....sorry willow@{

from cat down via gellia bit damp but a good pace

matlock bath ...wall towall bikes had fish & chips and a mooch around as i was leaving a woman on a cbr125r (i think anyway) as she pulled off caught the drain cover by the building slipped and as she slipped accelerated and slammed into back of another bike....ran over and helped her up and someone else then helped to pick her bike up. Thankfully she was ok very shaken and concenred her hubby who was waiting over by pub on his duc with kid on back was not going to be very happy lol....he realised what had happened and came across so ileft them to itboth bikes had damage :?

from there i headed for the a38 past bassetts pole and onto the m42to get onto the road i wanted.....The M40 to go have a sausage sarnie at the ace :D yummmmmm left the ace and now back home

so after 688 miles,18 hours abd 40 litres of petrol i had a brilliant day

thanks to those in touch during the day

some piccies







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Looks like you had a good day mate... Only did 10% of the miles you did, but was just nice to get out for an hour... Bike felt beautiful as well... It put the grin back on my face that's been missing for a couple of weeks.

Best therapy in the world!!

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Good Effort Tim Sorry i missed you but had a busy day planned for sunday Bike Kids Wife and football.

The cat was drying up lovely when i left. it was nice to get an unexpected couple of hours on the bike though.

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Shame you couldn't make it to the Ace on Saturday, Tim. Although it's one hell of a distance so I don't blame you. :lol:

i know due to having the breakdown t work friday night meant it stopped me doing the things i wanted to do that evening to be ready for saturday so saturday got consumed by that ....

will get down that way one day ......

it was one of the best weekends i have had by myself it was just pleasant no rush and just enjoying the ride ... and just doing the Cat trying to get the bends which always catch me out right or at least better ....just got to work on the others now lol but at least i can concentrate on other areas now seeing at least i have had one good day up there ( i mean weather wise not that the other times have not been enjoayable with company just very shite weather lol )

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