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I have a speedo problem & need a new tyre


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Hi all,

Last night when I was out for a ride my speedo started to go all wobbly. It was bouncing between actual speed and lower speeds, and at one point went all the way down to zero while I was riding at around 60.

It was dropping like the rev counter would do if you pulled the clutch in and released you right hand and then got back on it again, it would drop low then bounce back up again. It only lasted for a couple of minutes and then returned to normal. It was then normal for another 30-ish minutes until I got home.

During the last 1/2 mile home, 10-20mph low speed corners, through residential areas I noticed that the steering felt odd. When I parked up I found the rear tyre was soft. I picked a small stone out of the tread to reveal a not so nice hissing sound and a very soft tyre.

Is it possible that the two occurances are related? Not that I can imagine how. Or what could be the cause of the speedo?

It will be my first new tyre since I bought it, and as it was due for a new tyre anyway, I already have shortlisted a couple I would like to try. I had Michelin pilot roads, I'm considering either avon storm st or pirelli diablo strada next or possibly pilot road 2, based on recommendations and rider power results, and price. I would be gratefull for any comments on these.

I'm probably going to get the tyre changed locally less than a mile away, how could I make it safe enough to get there?

If the speedo is still a problem I'll be going to the dealership miles away and later, as it's still under warranty.

Many thanks in advance,


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seen as though its a 2008 model i would go straight back tou your delear and get it done under warrantte

no point poking at it if you can get it done for free as if you mess it up they will charge you to put it right :)

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Yeah that's the plan, & I emailed them straight after it happened. As the warranty is with Honda I can take it to any Honda dealer & don't have to go 300miles to them.

I was wondering what people thought could be the problem or cause. I'll find out at Honda anyway, but getting the tyre sorted will take me a couple days & then booking it in to get the speedo checked may be over a week away, I'm just too curious and want to know things asap.

Also if they can't find a problem the dealer charge for the work as there is not problem to be covered by the warranty, so I want to avoid that if possible.

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are you changing both front and back tires? because its not the best mixing different tyres! and is it a slow puncture if its less than a mile away just pump it up as hard as poss then ride it there

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There was a big hole once I pulled the stone out. As it's new it has Hoondacare assistance, so AA came & did a temporary repair for me.

I'm only changing the rear tyre, can't afford both this month :( but thanks I did wonder about mixing brands. I don't ride hard, no big lean angles etc, this tyre has lasted 4900miles (pilot road 1) & it now has a flat band where I've been upright all the time on it. So how will it affect the bike? Handling etc?

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