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Replacing brake shoes


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I have suspected for a while, and have had it confirmed by the nice man at the MOT place that my rear brake shoes are on the way out.

Having read the haynes manual, the procedure to replace them seems quite straight forward, wheel off (never done it before but doesn't seem too complicated). It doesn't describe how the "brake back plate" is attached, but it needs to be removed. then get the old shoes out, new ones in.

Is there any thing I should note in this or the reverse procedure?

Also, my wheel spindle is in the other way round to the one photographed in the book, is this an issue?

Cheers guys :)

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Brake shoe's are quite easy, just mind you don't trap your fingers in the springs, it hurts!

Spindle shouldn't be an issue, probably just put in wrong way round by someone, I used to do it on one of my bikes because the exhaust was in the way.

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You are a brave one PPF....

Bill, you should be fine. You seem to have your head screwed on so I imagine you will cope fine. I'm sure you don't need telling to plan ahead etc stay calm and organised etc...

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with the sr i take it ?

you can remove the brake hub section and take it indoors etc ;) you dont need the wheel to rebuild the brakes its just when you come to rebuild all the various parts ... so say one night to remove all , one night to build the brakes, one night to rebuild all

before you dismantle the brakes check the new ones against the old ones in situ and even take a good clear photo or a good diagram noting the way the springs are which way they hook round the shoes .. is their a leading edge on the shoe ( are they handed so to speak ) .... just take your time and it will be ok ..

remember when rebuilding all to adjust the rear brake pedal & light switch to account for the new shoes ... and dont adjust the brake rod until you have adjusted and aligned the chain/rear wheel ;)

hth if i can be of any help pm me and i will see if i can remember my old sr ways lol

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The springs that hold the 2 shoes in place can be problematic, and hard to replace. Leave plenty of time so you dont have to rush. Ensure the brake is adjusted with some slack also, dont just tighten the sdjuster up, or itll bind when its hot, back it off a few turns to give the brake some freeplay.

This'll all make sense after you have stripped the wheel/brake outa the bike.

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