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Clutch needs adjusting.


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I have to let my clutch out really far before it bites which means there's not much more movement before it's fully out which means when I set off from a stop I either stall or suddenly jump forward. I've only just passed my CBT and it's all new to me but I'm sure it's the lack of range that's causing this rather than my lack of skill.

It's a Suziki Marauder, 10 years old.

Is there anything I can do?

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there will be adjustment available at at least 1 end of the cable, if not both. Same as brakes on a pedal bike. just count turns so you can put it back as it was and have a go, you can't do much harm.

you may also be able to adjust the lever itself for span. Again as long as you can always put it back to how it was you can't do much harm, have a play!

you may also find that turning the lever assembly round on the bar makes a huge difference! :lol:

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10 years? What history has the bike - if it has a lot of miles on it, it may be that the clutch plates are wearing out.

Changing the plates is a simple job - make sure you have the right tools (and gaskets) before you start. Once swapped out, you will need to adjust the 'bite' of the clutch (either at the clutch end of the cable or at the lever (or even both)).

While you are in that area - It would be prudent to check the primary drive chain tensioner (make sure it is free of accumulated crap).

All the best.

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Adjust it using the knurled adjuster at the lever end, then wind the larger ring back towards the lever, but leave yourself with 5mm freeplay,

if you find you have to wind it more than half way out then wind it back in and adjust at the end of the lever , but only a small amount, you can make fine adjustments back at the lever end.. again leaving freeplay..


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