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Battery? Fuelling? Both!


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Right, had a wee problem with my bike, its an sr 125 been lying for a year. I have done a full service, stripped and cleaned the carb too. So put it all back together and it starts with a full charge from the battery, however after a few minutes, it starts spluttering and the idle drops until it eventually cuts out. If i rev it, it splutters aswell. I have put the fuel, air idle etc at the correct position. When it does die, and i try to restart it, i get the ancient doorbell sound from the solenoid clicking, Check, the battery and it has dropped. I have checked the charging circuit and its producing a healthy 14v plus, but the battery doesnt seem to be retaining it. So, any suggestions? I'm guessing, new battery. but surely that wouldnt cause the rough running would it?

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once the bike has started it should run fine off the output from the charging system not the battery :?

but it does sound as if your battery is duff anyway so may aswell replace that

with it been stood a year have you put fresh fuel in the tank ?

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