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Lack of sparks

Guest Hooli

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Ive got a RF600R snooooze-oookey that seems to like eating plugs recently.

old plugs did over 15k miles without a problem so i thought it was time to spoil it & fit new ones. 300 miles later no sparks & miles from home. new plugs again & all was good, 400 miles later & backfiring etc as if the plugs are going again.

now the mixture is fine, with new plugs the plugs are nice buscuit colour etc

all connections have been checked/cleaned/etc

but its killing plugs like mad. all i can think of is leads or coils, but as they come as a pair & one coil (bike has two) is £62 from a dealer (found for £30 online) i was hoping someone had some bright ideas before i spend even more on the damn thing.

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OK what makes you think its the plugs that are the problem in the first place (its rare for all your plugs to go)?

Most likely candidate is the coils breaking down, this has just happened to my 94 gsx-r. Keep looking around for spares or get on ebay and look for Dyna coils and a set of taylor or dyna leads (which is what i did) just make sure you get the right restance coils and your away!

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what made me think plugs is the fact when it dies put new plugs in & it starts straight up. put the old plugs back & its dead again - seems like plugs to me.

oddly though today i got a 3rd set of plugs so i could get it to run & check voltages in various places & out of bloodymindedness i put the old plugs back in afterwards & it runs perfectly on every set of plugs i have. very strange, as i tried it & it was dead - new plugs in & it goes, ran for about 2mins, put old plugs back & it started fine. its lost me after that. test ride & all seems perfect, its even smoother than before.

i think its possessed by the 'bloody minded fairy'.

off to the horseshoe pass tomorrow, so if it gets there & back im pretending its fixed.

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