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Heated Grips

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use oxfords myself ... only issue i have is that the leds are a bit bright at night so you need to beable to hide the controller or cover the leds ...especially the blue one

ohh and your gloves get a bit looser if their on too hot lol :D

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Depends what you call hard Dj. I fitted them myself with no problems. Worth the money.


Hmm...I dunno, I'd probably screw it up... When I'm actually on the road I'll go down to the shop and ask them if they have any and how much it would cost for them to put them on.

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basic way is connect drect to battery

remove original grips ( undo bar end and pull )beware thet they are different sizes for throttle grip and cluth side

fit new grips inplace..cnnect wireing

hot hands

but you have to emebr to turn thenm off otherwisje battery will ddrain

you can if work it out wireinto ignition system to turn on and off with the ket .....

as always read the instructuiins

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Generally you link into the rear light feed, then the grips are switched on when your lights are on, no flat battery, and if your driving without lights, well its probably not winter..

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Me and WalneyFrankie just fitted a set of Oxford ones to my bandit, took about an hour at most to fit and wire in. Most difficult was getting the old grips off.

Also, apparantly the Oxford ones will switch off automatically if the battery voltage drops below 11.4 volts, leaving you with enough power to start the bike next time, just in case you leave them on. Though as TimR says, the LED is pretty chuffing bright.

Not had chance to ride with them yet, but hoping for good results...

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The Renthals have a knurled clutch side, so that was a pain, but copious amounts of wd40 and a little persuasion got it on, the throttle was trickier as the tube has mouldings which needed filing/trimming, .. but got there in the end..

JM change that red leccy tape, looks tacky, get some black over them connections..

next week..... Auxilary Lights.... and Cig Lighters? ask JM?

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