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A few niggly problems

Guest andyhipster

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Right i have had my kymco hipster 125cc for about 6 months now and its started to give me a few problems, Seems with the cold weather it wont run right. When i say wont run riht i mean it starts fine runs ok for a few minutes then when upto temp when i stop at traffic lights say it cuts out if i dont keep the revs up, i have turned the idle up to combat this but it will then lose power when i roll on the throttle a little. E.G coming up to a roundabout 90 degree turn to right i make, down to second turn add a little throttle and the bike seems to die add a little more and its off like a rocket, little scary to say the least. Second problem i have is that the battery although new 4 months ago seems not to be charging/holding charge, not sure no access to multi to check, when ignition on but no engine no electric, engine on electric ish, I.E Lights on dim and brighten with revs, add indicators and they blink fast and headlight kinda winks no horn anytime (this could be unrelated not sure) no electric start am having to kick all the time. Sorry for the long post but am completely out of ideas, Also just so you know replaced the ht lead and the plug and all the filterslast week trying to cure the problem so i know its not them. cheers for any advice given and will answer any questions you may have to help me resolve these issues

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I can't help you but it may be worth looking at my thread titled 'PhatDad very own thread' or something along those lines. I have a similar problem and it's been diagnosed as a rectifier/regulator problem. Have a look at the symptoms of mine as they sound very similar.

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