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Is my mechanic talking bo**ocks?

Guest cwarrener

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Took a tumble a few weeks ago and bent the forks, my CBR600F(FT/96) is in the shop(trying a local new place), he's ordering forks in BUT he's telling me it's an import and having a hard time finding the correct forks. Fair enough if he can't find a match but I wouldn't think even an import would have different forks? He was saying it was from Europe possibly Polish(???!), but I can't imagine a couple of lone European Honda factorys churning out radically different forks?

He's been sent a couple of pairs already, but either the tops or bottoms weren't compatible.

He was saying it was because it was "an FT and not an F", but I told him that was just the model/year and any CBR600F(FT/96) forks should fit. Am I being overly suspicious or is he talking rubbish?

Any feedback, much appreciated!

Cheers, Chris

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cant say but best thing is to talk to a honda dealer and ask their opinion or just phone them up enquiring about ordering forks for said bike and go through their part finder questions (year,model, etc etc ) and then this may give you an answer ....

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He could be right on this because import bikes are difrant, a part can look the same but something will not line up,(a part may have say four bolts go through it, three will line up but one will not) also if it is an import a lot of honda dealers wont tell you nout. 8-)

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Paddy youve clearly had an issue in the past. I worked for Carnells in 96 and we sold loads of imports...lots of Blades916's gsxr's and the only diff ARE Km clocks and headlight alignment.

If you seriously think each country get different tooling and diff parts then your bonkers. Honda would just be making more work for themselves. In certain countries they have to change things to comply with local laws...ie lights always on and emissions but not forks.

I just think your guy isnt a honda dealer and isnt used to this type of work. You can probably buy aftermarket fork stantions, how badly damaged were they?

http://www.busters-accessories.co.uk/pr ... (Stantions)

£69.95 from Busters ;) ...piss easy innit ;)

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It was a very slight bend, I can't remember if it was the top or bottom half(dunno the names). He couldn't extricate one half from the other so he said he'd have to replace the complete fork. I said to get a pair. I'm feeling more and more nervous about this guy! I'll give him a week, but I've seen a complete set on Ebay. Mechanic's charging £170 for the pair, but I reckon I can get them cheaper on Ebay.

No he's not a Honda specialist, I might go back to the local Honda guys, they were going to charge me £100 for cleaning out the carbs (I thought a bit steep), and were snotty, but I'd say they knew the model backwards!

All comes down to money! If the insurance check comes through, I might well hand it back to the Honda guys.

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Thanks for the help!!! I agree that he just seems to be fobbing me off. I know he wants to get rid of it, as he's full up with scooters right now.

After 3 weeks of messing I just want it done now, I'll give him this week to get 'em, otherwise I'll just get them from Ebay, he said £150-£175 for the pair, and I reckon I'd get them for that on Ebay. Bidding finishes on Sunday, so I'll probably get them in the post Wednesday, and if they can't put them in, I'll brand them incompetent and slunk back to the Honda specialist!

I want my bike back! I miss her! Got a new side fairing to patch her up(£6 Ebay, wow!). This SV650 given me by the insurance people sounds like a lawnmower! Better than nout of course!

That Ron Ayres site looks really useful! Thanks!

Thanks again for all your help, I feel I can now confront this mechanic and talk with conviction!

Wish me luck :-)

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Good news - he's finally found a set of forks and will fit them this weekend! Hooray!

Bad news - He just rang me up asking how to get the SEAT OFF?!?!? WHAT!! A "mechanic" can't get the seat off a CBR?? My confidence in them has plummeted!! I said,"uh, take the rear fairings off and take the bolts out...". Wow.

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Done and dusted now! £460 cash for forks, clip-on, brake pedal, new front pads and labour. Not too bad. Just got back on it, feels pretty heavy on corners, wants to drop-in, kind of all or nothing, but I think that's just because I'm used to the SV650? Sounds 300% better, even with baffles in!

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Sounds to me like he doesnt know what hes talking about and you are paying him to learn.

Imports - Speedo. lights and immissions are the only changes, which are legal for a certain country, which i was aware of.

Why would Honda change the fork design for different countries, it would just incur extra expense for no reason.

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So here goes, just got in. Picked up the bike last night, came back on it, all seemed OK.

Set out this morning, 5 minutes down the road, the bike stalls at the lights (usually knocked off choke by then, but had to put some on to keep it ticking over). Leave the lights, 100yrds later bike stalls, won't start, freewheel to side of road, starter motor's not even turning over!

(I remember now when I saw them putting on the forks, there was a stray wire loose on the bars, I pointed this out and they shrugged and said, "Alarm?". Mmmmmm.)

Walked home, grabbed tools, walked back to bike, extracted battery, and went to 'Mechanic' to charge it up.

Got back to the bike tonight, put battery in, turned over but wouldn't start. Started to catch briefly, kept going and eventually she started. Kept it going for 10mins, but started cutting out when the throttle was touched, or the choke was knocked off full. Eventually cut out for good, still turning over but not catching at all.

Rang 'Mechanics' and said to drop keys in tomorrow so they could pick it up.

Why can't anything be EASY!"!!!!!!! Faawwwkzsdhlgk dzg xv

Any ideas? A short, followed by fouled plugs?

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