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Carb dripping fuel!?


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From the bottom of my carb runs a black rubber hose, which runs down under the bike. recently, this pipe has dripped fuel when left for a long time.

I understand this pipe to be for draining the float chamber, or using plastic tubing, checking the float height. Might it be leaking just because the screw that holds it shut is lose.

Any ideas why it might be leaking?

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float level is wrong or the float needle is stuck open

or as you say the drain screw is loose tighten recheck if not sorted see above possibilities ........

pipe is an overflow to divert fuel leakage away from hot engine/exhaust but nicely onto the path of the rear wheel :?:

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Yeah i've suspected this for a while, because it's been running rich.

I'm not sure about this drip anymore, I pulled the black hose up and the end of it wasn't wet with petrol or anything. Where the drips are from is all kinda covered in a layer of oil. I wonder if i've over oiled my chain. That, or my crankcase is leaking, which isn't good.

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