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What to wear Sunday

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Right, I'm riding all day Sunday 10-4. Weather is up to 7 deg, rain. DAS final day!

Consists of a 60mph stretch for 10 mins. Then mainly around town doing 4 or 5 test routes, so will be doing u turns, and 20-40mph (maybe the occasional 60 for a minute or two). Then at 3:30ish head back, again 10 mins.

On top I have a textile jacket and thermal liner, but just to be sure I'll put a base layer underneath rather than t shirt.

Have neck warmer

My questions are:

1. I have textile trousers which are fcuking hot with liner. Do I remove this or am I likely to get cold

2. I have RST summer gloves, and sliky inner gloves, are these likely to be warm enough or do I use the old winter ones (where I can't use controls properly)

If I was doing a day at 60mph then I'd def go for warm ptions, but as it's only slow speed I wonder if it's needed. Last time it didn't rain and I was sweating!

What would you do?


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I'm on a 125cc with all the stuff you've said and I'm getting cold. Is there any reason why you can't take a bag with you with extras in or somewhere to stuff layers you don't want on anymore? Are you not able to signal a stop and pull over safely, let them know you need to add a layer and then carry on? I'd rather be too hot than too cold though.

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